Request a COVID-19 Vaccination

Everyone in New Zealand aged 5 and over is eligible for free COVID-19 vaccination, regardless of your visa or citizenship status. Any information we collect will not be used for immigration purposes. Please use the calendar to find and request an available appointment slot for your COVID-19 Vaccination. You will be sent a confirmation email and reminder email.

1 – Select if this is your first COVID-19 Vaccination or not.

2 – Find available appointment time slot.

3 – After completing the required information your appointment will be reserved and a confirmation email will be sent.

4 – Arrive at North Shore Covid Testing & Vaccination center – 5 Home Place off Constellation Dr, Albany.

For more information please visit the National Covid Website

Is this your first COVID-19 Vaccination?

Please select if this will be your first vaccination.

Please contact your healthcare provider to find out if you’ve had your first vaccination and the date of your first vaccination if you’ve had one.

North Shore Covid Testing & Vaccination


Monday - Friday (8am-5pm)

5 Home Place off Constellation Dr, Albany

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